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Sacred Travel to Ireland with Kathianne Lewis, DD

09/07/2024 - 09/16/2024


Center for Spiritual Living
Sacred Travel to Ireland - SOLD OUT, WAITLIST ONLY
Sat, September 7 - Mon, September 16, 2024 

Prerequisite: Foundations or Beyond Limits
Contact our Registrar at 206.527.8801 or to sign up



View the daily itinerary and package details: 2024 Sacred Travel to Ireland Daily Itinerary & Package Details

Airport transfers will be coordinated for the group. Please do not book your flights until you receive the arrival/departure window. If you choose to arrive or depart outside of the window provided for the group transfer, you will be responsible for the cost of transportation above and beyond the package price.

Tips are not included in the price of the land package. Recommended tip is €250 per traveler which will cover both the driver and tour guide. 

Itinerary subject to change due to reasons beyond our control.


Per person Double Occupancy: $4,025*
Per person Single Occupancy: $5,235

Per person, Non Refundable, Non Transferable Deposit Required to Reserve Your Spot: $1,000

*Double Occupancy Note: If you are the last registrant in a room where the other bed is not able to be sold, you will be subject to the single supplement price. Travel Tip: Find someone to travel with and book your reservations together.



There is a $1,000 non-refundable, non-tranferable deposit required to reserve your spot.
Please have your passport information (passport name, passport number, passport expiration date, nationality, and date of birth) available when registering.

The balance, minus the $1,000 non-refundable deposit paid upon registering, can be paid in 1 lump sum or in 3 payments as outlined below:
Due Sun, Jan 21, 2024: Double Occupancy = $1,000, Single Occupancy = $1,411.66
Due Sun, Mar 17, 2024: Double Occupancy = $1,000, Single Occupancy = $1,411.67 
Due Sun, May 19, 2024: Double Occupancy = $1,025, Single Occupancy = $1,411.67

Refunds for cancellations will be determined based on the total price of your land package(s) and extras, minus the $1,000 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit paid upon registering, minus any additional funds needed to cover non-refundable non-tranferable deposits/cancellation fees CSL Seattle incurs from the vendor.

Note: If you choose to make payments and need to cancel before you have completed your payments, your refund will still be calculated based on the total of your land package and extras and in some cases you may still owe money to CSL Seattle. 

Contact our Registrar at 206.527.8801 or to sign up

CSL recommends the purchase of travel insurance.
Life happens and travel insurance can offer peace of mind and financial security if unexpected events occur.

Learn more/comparison shop:
The article covers topics such what travel insurance can cover, what affects the cost, different types of travel insurance, different methods of getting coverage (including places you may already have coverage like your credit cards), comparison sites, and tips for purchasing. This article is intended as a guide only. Please be diligent about doing your homework before purchasing travel insurance.

Two other comparison sites that others have found helpful in the past: (linked in the above article),

Typically, the sooner you purchase travel insurance after making a deposit or payment, the more flexible your coverage and price options will be. If you are hoping for 100% coverage, for any reason, trip cancellation insurance, you will want to get it sooner than later as often times it will no longer be an option the closer you get to departure. Availability varies by carrier.


Seattle Center for Spiritual Living (“CSL”), a recognized 501(c)(3) religious non-profit, is arranging a tour for interested parties to Ireland on September 7-16, 2024. In the past CSL has had an arranged travel tour cancelled due to elevated security risks and pandemic restrictions. In today’s uncertain world it is possible that this trip may be cancelled due to circumstances beyond CSL’s control. CSL therefore asks that you consider and agree to the following before making a deposit for this tour.

  1. I am eighteen (18) years of age or older.
  2. I am physically able to complete this travel.
  3. I recognize that CSL is NOT a “seller of travel” as defined in RCW 19.138.021(6).
  4. I realize that CSL is arranging travel directly through vendors in Ireland and will pay to the vendors necessary deposits from the funds I pay to CSL. I understand the deposits might not be refundable in the case of a cancellation no matter the circumstances.
  5. I recognize that circumstances beyond the control of CSL such as a pandemic, an act of terrorism, or the U.S. State Department canceling all American flights to or from Ireland might require a postponement or cancellation of this trip.
  6. I agree to hold CSL harmless if the trip is cancelled for reasons outside CSL’s control. Although I know that CSL will do everything in its power to obtain refunds on my behalf, I will not hold CSL liable for any refunds not received.
  7. I understand that if CSL cancels the trip for its own convenience then I will be due a full refund.
  8. I understand that there is a minimum $1,000 non-refundable/non-tranferable deposit due at registration.
  9. By registering I am agreeing to the financial and time deadlines as spelled out above.
  10. I agree that CSL shall not be obligated to refund any cancellation penalties imposed by the vendor with whom the services were arranged.
  11. I understand that I am responsible for verifying the validity of my passport based on my individual arrival and departure dates, obtaining a visa in advance if required based on my individual nationality, and also understand that requirements for both varies by country. To the best of CSL's knowledge at this time passports must be valid for the duration of your stay in Ireland and no visa is required. Ireland International Travel Information

Travel Release-Waiver Form

All travelers must return a signed release-waiver form along with the non-refundable, non-transferable deposit to register. 

Access a copy of the travel release-waiver form here: 2024 Ireland_CSL Travel Release-Waiver


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