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The Torah, Part 2: Wisdom of the World Religions Sacred Texts

08/26/2021 06:30 PM - 08:30 PM PT


Join Rabbi Ted Falcon for two sessions exploring surprisingly clear spiritual teachings, often obscured by inaccurate translations of the Hebrew, that can support our own Journey of Awakening in profound ways.
Rabbi Ted will bring the original Hebrew text alive focusing on:
  • The Secrets of Incarnation: The Creation of Humankind Revisited
    • An examination of how our previous beliefs keep us from actually being able to see that which is right in front of us. Learn how the basic Creation Myth of human beings provides insight into the very nature of our being.
  • The Basic Call to the Spiritual Journey
    • Abraham is the first to be “called” in which is actually the prototype of all authentic spiritual callings. The consequence is the ability to be a blessing to all of humankind.
  • Awakening to One
    • Jacob’s Dream provides the grounding for a spiritual awakening available to us all. This awakening transforms our experience of who we are.​​
  • The Exodus from Enslavement to our Separate Self
    • Discover why the Exodus story has served to support deeper freedom for thousands of years. This is the story of our own Journey.
  • The Radical Nature of Revelation
    • The biblical story of Revelation at Mount Sinai teaches us the nature of all authentic Revelation moments. The deeper meaning of what came to be called “The Ten Commandments” provides the grounding for our own Way.​​​​​
  • The Basic Hebrew Meditation
    • Rabbi Ted shares the central “mantra” of the Hebrew Wisdom tradition that has provided spiritual support for thousands of years.
In this radical exploration of ancient spiritual teaching, we are invited to celebrate the essential nature of our Being, and to awaken more fully on our own Journey of Awakening.
This is the second of two months covering the Torah. Each month is independantly registered from the other.
Thursday, Aug 26, 6:30-8:30pm PT
Instructor: Rabbi Ted Falcon
Category: World Religions
Location: Zoom (link information is posted on class resource page, and will be sent out 3 days prior to class starting, as well as an hour prior to class)
Cost: $25 until 8 pm 8/22, $30 after
This is part 8 of the 12 part series on the Wisdom of the World Religions: Sacred Texts Series. Visit the series information page to learn more about the series. If you are interested in registering for the entire year long series and have access to recordings for all the classes, contact the registrar at 206-527-8801. Thank you for joining us on this adventure!
Rabbi Ted Falcon: Spiritual guide, author, teacher and therapist, has taught Jewish traditions of Kabbalah, meditation and spirituality since the 1970s. Ordained in 1968 at the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in Cincinnati, he served in Los Angeles as a congregational and then a campus rabbi. In 1975, he earned a doctorate in Professional Psychology and, in 1978, founded the first meditative Reform congregation. He moved to Seattle in 1993, where he also founded a meditative synagogue. He is the author of A Journey of Awakening: Kabbalistic Meditations on the Tree of Life and co-author, with David Blatner, of Judaism For Dummies. He served as Scholar-in-Residence at Unity of Bellevue for two years, and has a private spiritual counseling practice, seeing people in his Seattle office as well as via Skype. He is Chair of Interfaith at Unity in Lynnwood.
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