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A New Way to Pray - Using Process New Thought!

04/02/2019 06:30 PM - 04/16/2019 08:30 PM PT


Join master teacher, Michael Bogar as he explores a new approach to manifesting your dreams, called “Process New Thought”.
In this class, you will explore the idea that we each have a unique relationship with everything -- people, money, dreams, material things, work, and God/Life itself. There is a new understanding developing in the New Thought Movement that describes this as a relationship between us and Life. This relationship is not something fixed in an identical, pre-determined way, or with one specific outcome for everyone. Each person’s outcome, or demonstration, of prayer will be unique to their own process in life. One person might treat or pray, for more money and get more money, while another person might not get more money but will get some other form of abundance. A third person might take a different amount of time than the others to see a shift in their material condition. It all depends on each person’s spiritual process in their evolution to the Good. We are all in the process of “God becoming individuals”.
This class will teach an alternative method for praying to experience the Good, capturing the idea of being “new in every moment”. Michael Bogar will teach this alternative prayer form not as THE WAY, but as an another method of achieving the Good you are seeking.
Also being offerred as a webinar
Dates: Tuesdays, April 2-16, 6:30-8:30pm
Instructor: Michael Bogar, MDiv, THM
Tuition: $68
Location: CSL Admin Office - Northgate
Michael Bogar, MDiv, THM is the Spiritual Director at the Bainbridge Island Spiritual Enrichment Center. He teaches world religions at Central Texas College at Joint Base Lewis McChord, and also teaches regularly at the Seattle Center for Spiritual Living and Seattle Unity Church. Michael's teaching on spirituality and psychology, combine scholarship, humor and practical wisdom. His work underscores Soul-making as a dynamic process that values both positive and negative experiences and emotions as normal and necessary.
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