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The Great I AM - Deep Listening Meditation Retreat 2019

01/07/2019 11:00 AM - 01/10/2019 01:00 PM PT


The Great I AM - Deep Listening Meditation Retreat
 with Kathianne Lewis, DD

Open further in awareness to The Great I AM.

Start off your new year by listening to the wisdom of The Great I AM within.

You'll spend these four days of meditation and contemplation nestled in the peaceful forest setting of 
Rainbow Lodge Retreat Center. Here, with Kathianne as your guide, you'll open to the Consciousness that lies within and focus on the Amazing "I AM" that is the Center of Our Being. After listening and being inspired by the God within, you will have time to set heartfelt intentions for the year that allow you to live a more abundant life.  

Leave the retreat with a stronger sense of Peace, Power, and Holy Purpose, while making dear, new connections with other from Center for Spiritual Living —the perfect way to start your year.
Prerequisite: Beyond Limits

"I attended the Deep Listening Retreat last year. I was a bit trepidatious about quiet meditation for days at at time, as I had never done a silent retreat. (FYI, there is speaking- but only by Kathianne as she guides our sessions, outlines the plans for the day, etc.) The silence was surprisingly easy for me. When we were `allowed' to talk I found didn’t want to talk, or to hear others! Silence is awesome, and silence shared with others is even more awesome! During the retreat, I experienced some deep revelations via a powerful dream, and received clear life directions, like: "seriously SLOW DOWN" and "sell the house, move and simplify so you can live more fully and intentionally” kind of revelations. In the next 10 months, I sold my home, downsized and relocated to Reno, Nevada. I am living quieter, simpler, and I’m grateful for this.

I highly recommend this retreat. Give yourself this gift of time for yourself. You might have big life changing revelations or small but important thoughts, or maybe you will just enjoy good sleep, take naps, have peace and quiet, no demands on you as you enjoy good silent fellowship, good food and beauty of nature...Whatever happens, you won’t regret this gift to yourself. I was so glad I overcame my worries and went!"  —ABN

 Jan 7 – 10 / Mon 11am – Thu 1pm
 Facilitator: Rev. Kathianne Lewis, DD
 Location: Rainbow Lodge Retreat Center, North Bend, WA
 Tuition: Double Occ: $500 - Single Occ: $650
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