Beyond Limits with Kathianne Lewis, DD @ CSL

09/18/2017 06:30 PM - 11/06/2017 09:00 PM PT


Class - CORE


Beyond Limits: Practical Spirituality for Modern Life
 with Kathianne Lewis, DD
Do you have an urge to live life with more freedom, authenticity, and humor? Are you being called to go beyond your limits? Ready to take back the power you have given away to conditions and others?
If so, your time is now to break free of any self-imposed limitations and step into your birthright of a life filled with more creativity, security, peace, joy, love, serenity, abundance and wholeness.
With dialog, introspection, readings, group activities, and support from others on the path, you will develop a new concept of yourself and take ownership of and reclaim your innate power. You will identify and update your beliefs about the Universe and how it works and, as a result, you will create the power to change your life forever, no longer leaving your life and your happiness to chance. This is a certificated course and is a prerequisite for CSL membership as well as many classes, retreat, and trips.
heart I feel more confident and am aware of the power of my thoughts. Beyond Limits is a wonderful class that gave me a new understanding of how to live a fuller, richer life. – Leah
heart I am changed. I came in desiring connection with others spiritually, and that’s exactly what happened, beautifully. – Tina
Fall 2017
Mon, 9/18 – 11/6/17, 6:30 – 9pm
Instructor: Kathianne Lewis, DD
Room: Celebration Hall
Materials Fee: $15 (nonrefundable, paid at time of registration)
Tuition - Pay What You Will 
We are committed to making a world a better place through teaching spiritual principles and practices, and we know the power of these tools to change lives. So that all have the opportunity to benefit from Beyond Limits, we ask you to choose the level of tuition that is right for you – whether it is at, above or below the suggested amount of $225. (The price of textbook is additional to tuition.)
Required textbook available in CSL Bookstore
This Thing Called Youby Ernest Holmes - $12.95
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