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40 Days to Love



Would you like to experience deeper self-love in your life? Can you imagine feeling the kind of love that is so fulfilling, that you are not only a magnet for love, but that you express life as a deeply loving presence on the Earth? What if you took 40 intentional days to focus on love and, along with a group of others, experienced a combined collective consciousness that magnified this experience of love in your life?
This is not a program to “find that perfect relationship.” This is a program inviting you to participate in a 40-day practice that will open you to an all-encompassing, blissful love that is effortless. It will change your relationship to yourself, to your spiritual source, and how you relate to everyone you meet.
The 40 Days to Love program starts on Feb 14th. You’ll receive a contemplation on love through a daily video, an opportunity to journal your thoughts, daily affirmations delivered via text message to your phone, and access to an exclusive online community participating with you where you can share your insights and love revelations.
This program is based on the book, 40 Days to Love, and includes new video commentary by the author, Kathianne Lewis, DD. Excerpts from the book and daily videos include inspirations from Emma Curtis Hopkins, a theologian, teacher, writer, feminist, mystic, and healer, and one of the founders of the New Thought Movement. Dr. Kathianne is well known globally as making Emma’s teachings relatable to the contemporary experience.
The 40 Days to Love paperback journal is available for purchase in the CSL Bookstore as an optional addition to the class.
Starts Wednesday, Feb 14 - Mar 24
Recordings by:
 Kathianne Lewis, DD
Category: Care and Compassion
Location: Daily emails and texts
Investment$40 plus possible Love Offering
If you desire to make a love offering based on the value of this pragram to you:
  • click the donate button on the website and put 40 Days in the notes section 
  • Text "40DAYS" to 844-315-7968
  • Call our offices at 206-527-8801, and our staff will be happy to help
  • Send a check to:
Center for Spiritual Living
6318 Linden Ave. N
Seattle, WA 98103
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