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Sunday Celebration Services - The Truth will set us free; but first we need to see the lie.



Join us in-person or watch on Livestream, YouTube, or Facebook Live at 9 & 11am. 

October Theme: Money Mastery: Remembering Money is our servant, not our master. 

Join Kathianne, and the other Ministers, Practitioners, and Board Members in remembering that divine flow is necessary for all expressions of health and well-being, including financial. 

Note: The Soul of Money chapter references are the chapters the Abundance Circles will cover each week. Talks will not be an identical match. The circles will follow the book and be an adjunct to the talks. 


Talk Title: The Truth will set us free; but first we need to see the lie.

The Soul of Money: Part 1 (chapters 1 and 2)

Most of us, in western culture, have been exposed to a toxic lie about the essence of the Universe and our world. We have been led to believe that scarcity is not only normal, but that it is divinely ordained in some way. It’s time for us to let that go. If you succumb to beliefs in lack or limitation, let’s get free together. 
Speaker: Kathianne Lewis, DD
Musical Guest: Stephan Plummer


Youth & Family Programs:

Youth can participate in-person in our Golden Thread of Truth interfaith curriculum Sundays at 11am. Videos for at home learning are uploaded to our YouTube channel each week. Learn more >>

Families with young children are invited to use our viewing room on Sunday morning. Contact Janell Shiers with questions at


Online Community:

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