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Sunday Celebration Services - Those who seek, will find.



Join us in-person or watch on Livestream, YouTube, or Facebook Live at 9 & 11am. (In-person visitors: Come enjoy our new HVAC and air-filtration system.)

May Theme: Life Goes Better with Curiosity

“There are only two basic states of being. There's dilated and contracted. Every thought, feeling, or action leads to one of those two states. One of the best hacks that I ever found for anxiety was becoming deeply grateful, because joy, gratitude, observation, curiosity - all these dilate your system, while anger, worry, fear, anxiety contract your system." - Jewel, singer and recording artist


Talk Title: Those who seek, will find.

“This is the great mystery, the limitless wonder of the universe - that, which out of nothing, can make something." - Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind, p. 402

“Never lose hope, my heart, miracles dwell in the invisible." – Rumi

By exploring with the Nature of Reality, we gain Mastery of our lives.

Speaker: Kathianne Lewis, DD
Musical Guest: Savanna Woods


Youth & Family Programs:

Youth can participate in-person in our Golden Thread of Truth interfaith curriculum Sundays at 11am. Videos for at home learning are uploaded to our YouTube channel each week. Learn more >>

Families with young children are invited to use our viewing room on Sunday morning. Contact Janell Shiers with questions at


Online Community:

Join a Prayer Practitioner after each service for a Virtual Prayer SupportClick to join on Zoom.

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