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Sunday Celebration Services - Prove It!



Join us in-person or watch on Livestream or Facebook Live at 9 & 11am. (In-person visitors: remember to dress warmly. Sanctuary windows are open for optimal ventilation.)

January Theme: Being Miracle Minded

It’s written in the Western Bible, “by their fruits you will know them.” What does that mean? 

For Spiritual Director Kathianne Lewis, it means that followers of a Spiritual Teaching and way of life will demonstrate what they say they believe in their own lives. For instance, the Center for Spiritual Living teaches that there are spiritual solutions to human problems; those solutions often seem like miracles. We also teach that Spiritual Principles can help us achieve our fondest hopes and dreams; these often come about in miraculous ways.

This year she is challenging herself, those close to her, and those up for the challenge, to engage in Radical Spirituality by proving God’s Love, Power and Grace. Let the miracles begin. 

Talk Title: Prove It!

Spiritual living doesn’t just happen on the meditation cushion or on Sunday mornings. Spiritual living is a way of life that happens every moment of every day. If we believe in God, if we believe in Miracles, then it’s time to stop talking about it and start actively being it. We’ll take all we’ve learned this month and step into PROVING GOD WORKS.

Speaker: Rev. Abigail Schairer
Musical Guest: Stephanie Anne Johnson


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