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Cracking the Shell on Race-ism - Cancelled

09/14/2021 05:30 PM - 10/19/2021 07:30 PM PT


This class has been cancelled. Thank you for your interest.
 “Love overcomes both hate and fear. However, love does not overcome hate and fear through controversy, argument, or force, but by subtle power of transformation, transmutation, and sublimation, it is invisible in its essence but apparent through its act. As light overcomes darkness, as the presence of heat causes the coolness of a room to change, until it is warm and comfortable, so the radiant action of love and peace dissipates fear, hate, and confusion. Love is the victor in every case. Love breaks down the iron bars of thought, shatters the walls of material belief, severs the chain of bondage which thought has imposed and sets the captive free.” - Ernest Holmes in Effective Prayer, pp 51-53 
It’s time to understand, stand for, and learn about ways to act for racial equity from someone who has lived it! Cracking the Shell on Race-ism is an interactive workshop series for people who do not identify as Black to assist in gaining additional information, insight, and a spiritual response to the history and impact of slavery for both Whites and African Americans.  
For many who do not identify as Black, the current unrest regarding racial inequities seems sudden and alarming. Within a safe, inclusive environment, this workshop series will help participants understand and answer the questions: How did we get here? What do we do now that we are here?  
Tuesdays, Sep 14-Oct 19, 5:30-7:30pm PT
Instructors: Rev. Esther Alley
Category: Spiritual Activism
Location: Webinar (link information will be sent the week prior to class starting, as well as each class night at 5pm PT)
Tuition: Sliding scale options: $75-$300 (Pay what works for you. If you would like to pay an amount that is not provided, call Heidi at 206-527-8801, ext 5101)

Rev. Esther Jones-Alley is a Certified Spiritual Lifestyle Coach through the International Coaching Federation, Ordained Minister, through One Spirit Learning Alliance, Empowering Workshop Facilitator, Author, and Poet.  Esther Jones Alley is a woman who has been walking her walk for a long time. She believes in the Oneness of Divine Love and the power of experiencing infinite possibilities. One of her main quotes, that she is known for is: “at any time you can make another choice!” She a mother, grandmother, and community activist.  For the past 5 years Esther has also led several small groups to Egypt on a sacred journey to visit ancient temples, pyramids and other holy sites. 
Throughout her professional career she has ministered and coached individuals on issues as varied as corporate politics, job dissatisfaction, family matters, parenting teens, lost love, challenging toddler behavior, and career changes.  Esther uses intuitive logic and vision to support and assist her clients through challenging situations. With finely tuned sensibilities she encourages her clients to go deeper within themselves for answers to their pressing issues. She credits being led by Divine wisdom in the work that she does whether it’s coaching, speaking, or teaching she allows the Divine to use her.
Esther also supports her clientele and others with an empowering Vlog through her YouTube channel, titled Wednesday Wisdom.  You can find her Vlog on her website at  The Vlogs are 3-4-minute inspirational messages to help people gain new insights about life.   Esther’s book, The Centered Life, A Spiritual Life Coaching Journey allows the reader to walk with Esther on her journey of becoming a Spiritual Lifestyle Coach and what the Coaching process looks like. It includes topics such as her near-death experiences, surrender, homelessness, forgiveness, gratitude, success, faith and so much more. It is available at and on Facebook at


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