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Lessons in Living a Thriving Life - What Will Set You Free

06/13/2021 05:30 PM - 06:15 PM PT


If your intention is to thrive in the world, in your personal and professional life, and live a life filled with purpose, then join us in our online Sunday evening experience. Explore the metaphysical teachings on the nature of reality. In these 45 minutes of interactive zoom experience, you’ll delve into lessons from some of the greatest metaphysicians, reflecting on own your own beliefs and actions and how they impact your mind, body, spirit, and community.

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Lessons in Living a Thriving Life: What Will Set You Free - From Pain to Passion in Seven Weeks by Cynthia James

Sundays, May 30-July 18, 5:30-6:15pm PT 

Would you like to be free of restraints and oppression? Would you enjoy a life of liberty? Would you like to get rid of your unpleasant convictions?

During this session of our Sunday Evening Experience together we will explore the opportunity for us each to stand in the full expression of who we are - an opportunity to absolutely fulfill the destiny that you have come here to achieve. We’ll discuss ways in which we can speak, think, move, and act as amazing human beings. Decide to take a chance to move beyond the wounds and the feelings that no longer support you!

We’ll be exploring the book What Will Set You Free - from pain to passion in seven weeks, by Cynthia James.

It is not necessary to read the book to participate in the discussion. All are welcome! 

Here’s what we’ll be exploring each week:

May 30th:         Week One - The Story
June 6th:          Week Two - Finding Your Voice
June 13th:        Week Three - Connecting The Mind With The Body
June 20th:        Week Four - Secrets
June 27th:        Week Five - Time For Forgiveness

July 4th:            Cancelled

July 11th:          Week Six - Reclaiming Yourself
July 18th:          Week Seven - Radical Self Care

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