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Lessons in Living a Thriving Life - The 12 Conditions of a Miracle

04/18/2021 05:30 PM - 06:15 PM PT


If your intention is to thrive in the world, in your personal and professional life, and live a life filled with purpose, then join us in our online Sunday evening experience. Explore the metaphysical teachings on the nature of reality. In these 45 minutes of interactive zoom experience, you’ll delve into lessons from some of the greatest metaphysicians, reflecting on own your own beliefs and actions and how they impact your mind, body, spirit, and community.

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Lessons in Living a Thriving Life: The 12 Conditions of a Miracle by Todd Michael

Sundays, Mar 7-May 23, 5:30-6:15pm PT 

Do you want to experience transformation in your own life? If you’d like to have some practical methods for living a life of meaning and miracles, this drop-in Sunday Evening Experience is for you! 

Based on the book the Twelve Conditions of a Miracle, we’ll explore how the actual technique of the miracle is revealed in the form of twelve precise and realistic steps to extraordinary living. Each week, you’ll discover simple and easy tools that pave the way for miracles to constantly happen to you. 

It is not necessary to read the book to participate in the discussion. All are welcome! 

Here’s what we’ll be exploring each week:

April 18th: Visualizing

Before something better can transpire, we have to be able to conceptualize the end result. No matter what condition of lack or disease or unhappiness we see with our physical eyes, we have to see something better with the eyes of Spirit. (Pg. 105-120)

“When you see yourself, in your mind’s eye, complete with everything you need, you will believe that state has already come to pass. Then, since form always follows thought and because like attracts like, what you believe will automatically manifest in solid form in your reality.” -Todd Michael

April 25th: Gratitude

Bless all of your resources and express your feelings of gratitude in words. (pg. 121-126.) 

“Divine intelligence generally won't go too far out of its way to provide for you in a miraculous way if you are negative and complacent about the gifts you have already received.” -Todd Michael

May 2nd: Acting As If

To create miracles, it is key to act as if the desired state has already manifested. (Pg. 127-134)

“The important thing to remember about acting “as if”is that it begins with acting. Miracle workers don't just say prayers and visualize. They act. They do things. They break through the barriers of inertia and doubt and get moving.” -Todd Michael

May 9th: Engaging the Cycle

It is important to engage the circular, cyclical flows of energy which inevitably characterize a state of abundance. What goes around comes around. (Pg. 135-140)

“What goes around comes around. The law of cause and effect that governs this process is quite precise. We reap just as we so, and our return is always an accurate reflection of our release.” -Todd Michael

May 16: Receiving

Develop a sense of worthiness. (Pg. 141-149.) 

“Accepting our abundance is only part of the process of receiving. We also have to know what to do with it when we get it. When it manifests, we have to allow it to thoroughly permeate our lives with joy, fun, and satisfaction.” -Todd Michael

May 23rd: Recycling

We make certain every shred of excess energy and supply is channeled in a useful way. (Pg. 150-156) 

“Anyone seeking to work miracles must honor this universal pattern [of recycling]. This is accomplished by carefully recycling energy and resources that pass through your life. If you do this, you will engage with the great cycles of the universe that can provide the energy for all of the miracles in your life.” -Todd Michael 


About the book: 

In this uplifting work, Dr. Todd Michael meticulously retranslates the parable of the loaves and fishes, andmakes an astonishing discovery: Below the surface—deep within the subtleties of the original Greek—lies a carefully hidden layer of information. Here, the actual technique of the miracle is revealed in the form of twelve precise and realistic steps to extraordinary living.

Scholarly, inspiring, and amazingly consistent with contemporary metaphysical thought, The Twelve Conditions of a Miracle is essential reading if you want to work a transformation in your own life.


About the Author:

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