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Candid Conversations About Diversity

02/23/2021 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM PT



Honoring Diverse Identities in Spiritual Spaces

While most of us would rather not talk about race, gender, sexuality, and size in spiritual spaces, it is absolutely necessary. Why? Because every single one of us is living this life in a body. Our skin color, size, sexuality, and gender impact how we move through the world, including spiritual spaces. Some might say that pointing out differences creates more division. It’s actually the unwillingness to address these differences that causes division. Join us as we reach across identities to explore the challenges and opportunities of diversity with curiosity and respect.

Live on Center for Spiritual Living Seattle and Center for Spiritual Living White Rock Facebook Pages

Tuesdays, Feb 23-Mar 30, 12-1pm Pacific

Co-hosted by Revs. Abigail Schairer & Cassandra Rae with guests:

2/23: Rev. Karen Frost - (Hosted on CSL Seattle's Facebook page)

3/2: Tillie Hasson, RScP - (Hosted on CSL White Rock's Facebook page)

3/9: Rev. Raymont Anderson - (Hosted on CSL Seattle's Facebook page)

3/16: Rev. Champion Fleming - (Hosted on CSL White Rock's Facebook page

3/23: Stephanie Anne Johnson - (Hosted on CSL Seattle's Facebook page)

3/30: Rev. Rafe Ellis  - (Hosted on CSL White Rock's Facebook page)

About Rev. Cassandra Rae

Rev. Cassandra Rae is an unexpected minister! After being raised in evangelical Christianity and spending her 20's as an atheist, she rediscovered God through a health crisis. Now she is the spiritual director of CSL White Rock in British Columbia, Canada where she is dedicated to an engaged and inclusive spirituality that embraces our humanity as the path of knowing our divinity.




About Rev. Abigail Schairer

Rev. Abigail Schairer is Associate Minister at CSL Seattle and founder of Sister Spirit and NextGEN Retreats. She draws inspiration from the great spiritual masters of all religions, which she integrates with practical guidance in her speaking and teaching.  Rev. Abigail believes we are here to help create the life God intended us to have – one of absolute joy, complete abundance, and freedom.

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