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Better Business Break

05/04/2021 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM PT


Kathianne Lewis is back in May (thank you Rev. Don Beaty for facilitating our April meeting) to talk about the Kingdom of Wealth that is within everyone and the Laws of Mind that unlock that wealth (wellbeing).
As usual, the discussion won't be philosophical, it will be practical with at least three things you can do immediately to release the wealth from within. 
How can a "God-based" work life help you experience greater success and fulfillment with less effort and stress? Join Kathianne Lewis for this Better Business Break series exploring Putting the Prosperity Idea to Work by Robert Russell. At the BBB, journey into the lessons offered in this book by cultivating your connection and awareness of the Absolute. When you do that, the burden of "making" anything happen is lessened. 

Don't miss these powerful lessons along with community sharing, breakout groups, and prayer requests during each session. 
Want to learn more? Watch this video by Kathianne as she talks about the BBB.
1st Tue, May 4, 12-1pm
Facilitator: Kathianne Lewis, DD
Category: Business & Leadership
Location: Webinar (link will be sent Sun, May 2, and again an hour before the BBB starts)
Fee: $20
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