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Lessons in Living a Thriving Life - Sunday Evening Experience

09/06/2020 05:30 PM - 09/27/2020 06:00 PM PT


If your intention is to thrive in the world, in your personal and professional life, and live a life filled with purpose, then join us in our revamped online Sunday evening experience. We’ll be exploring the metaphysical teachings on the nature of reality and the philosophy of the Science of Mind. In these 30 minutes of interactive zoom experience, we’ll delve into lessons from some of the greatest metaphysicians, reflecting on own our own beliefs and actions and how they impact our mind, body, spirit, and community.

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Lessons in Living a Thriving Life: This Thing Called You

Sundays, Sep 6-Nov 11, 5:30-6pm PT (No session Oct 4)

In this 8-week series, we’ll be exploring one of Ernest Holmes’s cornerstone works, This Thing Called You. You’ll learn the important lesson of how you are an immutable part of the flow of life, and how you may fulfill your longing to live more fully.


Part 1: Redefining Who You Are

Week 1: Sep 6 - Seeking the Joy of Living

Chapters 1 & 2: Are you in a space of creation or of destruction? What is the Divine urge? We’ll explore the topics of internal fulfillment and how each of us has a Divine urge to live life fully and creatively.

Week 2: Sep 13 - It is Done unto You as You Believe

Chapters 3 & 4: There is a law that operates on your faith. How can you make this law work for you? Join us in this exploration of the universal laws that can transform your life if you know how to use them.

Week 3: Sep 20 - Your Good is at Hand

Chapters 5 & 6: Would you like to discover the wellspring of life? We take this week to acknowledge and appreciate the original Author of all life, which is in and all around you.

Week 4: Sep 27 - Everything is Made New

Chapters 7 & 8: Would you like to be creator in your own life? Today you can begin to change any suffering you may be experiencing in your own life.


Part 2: Finding your Spiritual Magnificence

(Note: There will not be a meeting Oct 4. Please join us for our Thrive - A Celebration of Commuity live event.)

Week 5: Oct 11 - Express the Divine Life

Chapters 9 & 10: Do you have obstructions or undesirable situations in your current experience? We’ll be exploring what can dissolve, destroy, and uncreate them this week.

Week 6: Oct 18 - Eliminate the Idea of Good or Evil

Chapters 11&12: What if, by shifting your perception, everything in life started working FOR you? Learn how to limit the use of limitation in your life to create more flow.

Week 7: Oct 25 - Life Cannot Withhold Itself from You

Chapters 13 & 14: Can you hear the Song of Joy singing at the center of your being? Learn how to listen to this song, for it is always there.

Week 8: Nov 1 - Identify Yourself with the Greatness of Spirit

Chapters 15 & 16: Would you like  a broader realization of the Spiritual Magnificence within you? Prepare this week to receive the best that life has to offer.


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