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David Whyte: A Road Always Beckoning

07/12/2020 10:00 AM - 11:15 AM PT


Center for Spiritual Living is partnering with David Whyte to bring you this online event.
A Road Always Beckoning
Sundays, July 12, 19 & 26, 10-11:15am Pacific Time
Tuition: $60

A Road Always Beckoning is centered around three 75-minute livestream sessions delivered via Zoom webconferencing software. 

In addition, David will present you with Tiny Disciplines between sessions, designed to prepare you for each session, and give you the opportunity to practice.


How does my life look now, and where do I want to go?

We are all emerging into this new, post-viral world together. But whatever world we re-emerge into will have many radically different forms into which we will need to carry equally radical, ancient inner resources: powers of attention and attentiveness, combined with courageous speech, which are poetry’s special provenance.

Though our societies around the world are all opening at various paces, and we are doing the same as individuals, the impetus is toward re-emergence and, in a way, rededication and reformulation of unspoken promises and spoken ambitions.

In these three Sunday sessions we will look at the phenomenon of courage combined with movement – the need to stay grounded in new qualities we might have discovered through the suspension of our ordinary lives, qualities that may, as we move back out into the world, transform our previous understanding of our destination.

A journey or a pilgrimage has always called for companionship, which is what this series is meant to provide, and whoever we meet on the journey will have a common bond of conversation: our world’s shared quarantine has created a deeply communal experience of loss and of trauma, but also, for many, a simultaneous and strangely unsettling sense of quiet, rest and reassessment.

My own life has been completely transformed by these three months at home, not only in the details of the present but in how I view both my future and my journey into that future, an experience shared by many. I look forward to inviting you into my house and home and study, but most of all into my heart and mind, bringing my thoughts and my poetry to bear on the disturbingly beautiful question now awaiting us all: late or soon, emerging now, next year or at some indeterminate time in the future: how does my life look now, and where do I want to go? – David Whyte



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