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GOOD (Getting Out Of Debt)

10/07/2019 06:30 PM - 10/21/2019 08:30 PM PT



Who doesn’t like a good story? Debt has a story and is a messenger that wants to support you in your abundance. Here's my story:

My Debt Story – When I came to CSL in 2008, I found myself $300,000 in debt. I had lost my house to the bank and I had a broken heart after ending a long-term relationship.  The irony is that I was the Director of Finance of a large organization and had been in the accounting and finance industry for over 25 years.  So, you can imagine the shame and guilt I felt; I had knowledge of how to get out of debt but didn’t know why I was in such dire financial straits.  By exploring my Debt Story, I found that I had a broken-hearted little girl who was in charge of my checkbook.  

By using my spiritual practice, I realized that as I grieved my losses my financial losses dissolved.

Ten years later I was able to retire early at age 58 and my financial planner informed me that I no longer had to work.  I now have more freedom to live the life that I want.

Lessons from My Debt Story:
• Debt is not about the money, it's about a state of consciousness.
• There is a direct relationship between my self-worth and my financial net worth.
• Debt represents an imbalance in the flow of abundance – giving and receiving.
• Debt reduction plans only treat a symptom.  It is more effective to work on both our belief systems and on a debt reduction plan.

In This Class You Will:  

1. Receive simple spiritual practices to pay off debt; 
2. Be given the tools to discover and unravel your Debt Story and release guilt, blame and shame;
3. See debt as a gift and messenger of a greater possibility of abundance; and 
4. Receive practical tips and tools to get out of debt.

I hope you join me on this journey!

Mondays, Oct 7-21, 6:30-8:30pm
Instructor: Karen Schiller, RScP
Location: Center for Spiritual Living Admin Office
Tuition: $85 before 8pm 9/27, $99 after

Karen Schiller is a Prayer Practitioner at Center for Spiritual Living Seattle and a dedicated student of spirituality.  She has served on the CSL Seattle Board of Trustees since 2014 as Treasurer and Vice President. Karen has worked in finance and accounting for over 35 years.  She was most recently the Director of Finance for a large healthcare organization, overseeing a budget of over $100 million.   

Karen has applied spiritual principles and practices to transform her finances from the verge of bankruptcy to be able to retire early at age 58.  Her passion is to support others to greater spiritual and financial freedom. Her mission is to “Lead others out of the prisons of their own minds by helping them reclaim their innocence.” 

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