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Afternoon Chant with Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda

09/15/2019 01:00 PM PT


Come enjoy a combination of kirtan (call and response singing), bhajan (devotional hymns), and orginal singer-songwriter compositions.

Jaya and Ananda create a profound healing and balanced sound current (Naad) brimming with bhakti (devotion.).

Sunday, Sep 15, 1pm
Love Offering

Join us for a community potluck before the concert at 12:30pm.

About Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda

Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda are Oregon based musical artists in the genre of mantra music and heart songs. As inspired singer/songwriters, they are best known for their English devotional lyrics infused with vedic mantras but are also well known for their enchanting acoustic kirtans. They also offer Mantra/Kirtan based electronic dance music they call "Kirtronica".

They both play guitar and harmonium while weaving vocal melodies. In addition, Jaya Lakshmi plays keyboard and Ananda captivates audiences via the bansuri flute. They are known for their powerful blend of modern and ancient soundscapes that touches the heart and invokes a meditative connected state.

“Listening to Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda is like being serenaded by a choir of angels. They sweep you up and lift you to a blissful state, infuse you with sweetness and leave you with a sense of the Sacred within all life. Sublime.” -- Kia Miller (Radiant Yoga Teacher)


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